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Winterstick Tom Burt Pro 172cm
by Jaime Van Lanen Date Added: Saturday 14 November, 2009
In an industry which has largely neglected true high performance big mountain designs over recent years, TB, Winterstick, Wagner and company have defied the norm with this model. Many manufacturers that claim "big mountain" or "freeride" , are just claiming it by putting out not boards designed for precision alpine performance in the worlds most demanding mountain terrain, but instead boards that are more designed to function only in deep powder than anything else. Thats what they call "freeride", a board too wide to hold an edge properly when conditions change to not-so-soft, a board with too wide of a nose and tail, and too deep a sidecut, made more to float in deeper snow than to handle quick movements and quick decisions at extremely high speeds. With the TB Pro you can forget all that extra effort you had to put in before to make a line happen. The long side cut and tapered tail allow you the best of both worlds; float and precision turning. This ride is super solid too and absorbs shock and turbulence extremely well, holding a line through chop, surprise frozen avi-debris segments, and stompy landings with high speed run outs. You can turn when you need to, whether its short turns in tight places at high speeds (just remember who designed the board), or 100 yard GS turns on a 40 degree pitch. The tapered tail and the sidecut being centered with the set back stance is what allows you do such things so comfortably. This feature also allows you to safely point it straight out of burly situations when you need to, holding a solid line in the back seat while your jacket is flappin' and you are just bouncing off of shit. Hell yeah, I mean it. I am very happy with this board and I have tested it in extremely demanding situations. Thanks TB and Wagner Custom.

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