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Black/Red Trident Winterstick T-Shirt
by Britt Britt Date Added: Friday 07 February, 2014
I am on the verge of leaving, this has left me_a href=""_ totlaly_/a_ demoralised with the Party. If only someone in parliament would speak against these cuts, but they all seem to be impotent or accepting of them. On a personal note, they will leave me bankrupt and homeless. I read today the only way a person can be deemed too ill to work if they are dead: if you can breathe, you can work.The regressive nature of the Welfare cuts certainly go against the recent motion passed (as above) Ensuring Fairness in a Time of Austerity': particularly Item 9: Ensure that any cuts to welfare benefits are progressive in nature: reducing benefits enjoyed by the most affluent before cutting benefits for the poorest and most vulnerable. The weakest, the poorest and the most vulnerable in society are paying the price for the Credit Crisis and Labour's mismanagement of it. On a final note: if this budget was one of such seriousness and one of austerity: one in which we are all in this together for the good of the nation', why exactly did the majority of Tories laugh, cheer and bay for more (cuts) when Osborne completed his statement? It was not so much that the cuts were necessary (are they?) but they were received with zealous greed by the right-wing Milton Friedman, Chicago Economics. This neo-liberal monetarism, landed us in a mess in the 1980s, do we ever learn? Monetarism has never been proved to work, in fact in all cases it has failed to deliver a FAIR society, only enriching the upper deciles of income in society.What sticks in the craw more than anything else was the smiling faces on the front bench and then the back slapping of Gorgeous George, led by Danny Alexander and Nick Clegg. What sticks in the craw is that whilst Clegg was happy to praise the IFS during the election he is now against them. What sticks in the craw is that whenever Clegg or Alexander are asked whether these welfare cuts are fair, they avoid answering the question hiding it behind a response of smoke and mirrors claiming that all these measures are necessary and they are clearing up the mess from Labour. I expected Cameron & Osbourne et al to be evasive, as Lib DEms I had hoped and expected more honesty from our representatives. Where to now?

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