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Black/Red Trident Winterstick T-Shirt
by Alahkaf Alahkaf Date Added: Tuesday 04 February, 2014
That's cool. I remember my first pgrmraos, vaguely. My parents had gotten me a precomputer 1000 for Christmas (it seems like I was ten or eleven at the time) and it came with a BASIC interpreter. Sure, now a cringe at the thought of writing spaghetti code, but it was something back then. I wrote a number-guessing game, a simple blackjack game, and perhaps some other things. Of course, it was completely textual (real computers continued to scare until a few years ago) and I've always sucked at graphics.It sounds like a fun game (nostalgic of the Atari/NES days). I'm going to see if I can get it to run on my computer. [url=]tgokxi[/url] [link=]smrtuaxckkz[/link]

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