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Black/Pink Trident Winterstick Hoodie - Womens
by Rung Rung Date Added: Saturday 08 February, 2014
You guys do realize that dcsreaeing the surface area in contact with the snow is A BAD THING, right? Take a look at any high-speed board. You want as much of the board touching the snow as possible. This is why longer boards go faster than shorter ones.I do like that you're trying to innovate and progress the sport, but I don't see much here that is going to make the ride faster, tighter, lighter, or better in any way other than landings. Really? I guess it’s time for Burton to invest a lot more money to their research in order to beat Cheetah Ultra Sports in the market.. I don't think that's going to be an issue. The Chettah board is a gimmick. It's a heavy board which won't even feel like a real snowboard on snow. Having my feet so far from the ground would be a huge problem.If you want to see a real magic stick, check out the Burton Method. Now that's an INCREDIBLY light board that handles better than anything I've ever ridden! It kicks the pants off of this thing for $HUNDREDS less.Again, it's cool to see people trying to innovate and progress, but I don't see this board going mainstream or revolutionizing the sport. [url=]gbrrxa[/url] [link=]fnsrxdl[/link]

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