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Winterstick Split Swallowtail
by Deep Deep Date Added: Saturday 31 August, 2013
/ OMG thank you! men dont get he point. They feel as though they can talk to all women the same. Women atlaulcy let men get away with this. No woman should ever let NO man speak to them that way I am very old fashion sorry to say. If I walk pas you, then you shouldn't even question if I want to call you, write you ,text you, email you, or anything like that. Experience: 1 & 2I have expereinced that, my ex would walk a few feet away just to talk to someone, I would give him the eye and he would apologize but still contantly do it. Makes you question alot of things that you shouldn't because of TRUST.Me and my ex was laying in bed together and he picked up the phone to chat with his ex. (Mind you, she's pregnant and it's 13:30am) he keeps laughing and chatting up a storm. Once I turn my back he hangs up with her ASAP and asked me Whats Wrong? The devil is liar if you think I let him get away with that I'm not controling at all but there needs to be some kind level of respect at ALL times [url=]xnzznz[/url] [link=]lnhuxjdel[/link]

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