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Winterstick Split Tom Burt Pro 172cm
by Corot Corot Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
I live in Japan, and I think the lack of sales has nothing to do with bad fit. Cycling here is a fast form of waknilg and a way to transport your shopping and a couple of kids at the same time, not a sport. You can (illegally, but the police don't stop you) ride on the pavement and drivers don't tend to see you as target practice. The only people who use helmets are primary school kids, who are required to, and mormons. Basically people don't think they are either cool or necessary.Japanese people definitely believe their heads are different from European ones. I regularly get complimented by other mothers on the shape of my hapa son's head. Actually he just never stays still enough to go flat at the back, but that's a whole other story.

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