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Winterstick Swallowtail
by stew flan Date Added: Friday 07 October, 2011
picked up my second swallow mid of the season last yr, and was lucky enough in JP to have a week of huge pow. and i had both sticks out. the older one form 2008 and the new puppy. the new one seems to be a bit thinner, more repsonsive slightyl longer and a much more dynamic ride. on the groomers is was noticable more controlleable ,but the stiffness really became aparent ,the nsoe section is totally differnt.
but thats not what this is about.
on the open slopes the new one was faster. a LOT more responsive, but not as easy to put the brakes on. for haulin down a long wide deep track this was utterly superb, easily the ebst boaord ive ridden, HOWEVER.., the old one is a much more smooth stylin stick
the new one is a ferrari, the old one is a maybach.

just depends on what terrain u ride. in trees ill go the ol;d one beceause theres a LOT more pop and bend , but for that long walk and down a bars snow ladden hill t he new one is the king.

ill be keping both!

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